Nov 15th Weekly Highlights


Each year we collect canned goods and boxed foods to share with families in need. We will be collecting the names of families in need and these food until the November 22nd. If you know a family that will need help this Thanksgiving please turn those names into the office as soon as possible. We need: their name, their address and the number of people in their family as well as your name as the contact person. Below is the list of food items we will be accepting, each basket is identical to all the others so please only bring in: Canned sweet potatoes, Cranberry sauce, Canned pumpkin, Evaporated milk, Stuffing, Instant potatoes, Canned corn, Green beans, Peas, Marshmallows and Gravy.


We will take up this special offering this Sunday, November 22nd. Its a time for you and your family to say thank you to God for all the ways He has blessed you in this past year. Thank Him for His presence in your life, for how He has provided for you, given you peace during times of uncertainty, for how He has brought healing or delivered you in a particular situation. This offering will go to provide for the turkeys for our Thanksgiving Boxes, Christmas presents for families in need and many other opportunities for us to bless the community and those around the world.


Looking for a place to start serving. Mark your calendars for November 24th when we will serve dinner downtown. We meet at the parking lot on the northeast corner of Bridge St. and Granada St. at 5:30pm to set up and the meal starts at 6:00pm. If anyone can make a donation of either food, time or money to Hearts For The Hungry, please do so. If you would like to serve the foods that will be shared on the 24th contact Tisha Dillon.