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Freedom Sunday

Get Off Your Donkey

Freedom Sunday

QOTD: When was a time you over indulged but regretted it later?

Micah 2:2
Micah 3:1-3

According to IJM statistics:
•The Walk Free foundation states that there are over 45 million people in the world who live as slaves.
•To put that into perspective, 45 million is a greater population than 158 countries in the world.
•The population of Florida is 16.7 million. That means that there are almost three times as many people in slavery today than the population of Florida.
•For further reflection while the global population of enslaved individuals is 45 million, the population of St. Augustine is about 13,000 people.
•45 million is more slaves than were trafficked during the 400 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
•45 million people enslaved today is more than any other time in history.

Luke 4:14-20

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