Rebuilding The Walls

THE STORY – HOW GOD IS IN CONTROL QUESTION OF THE DAY: WHAT IS THE MOST UNLIKELY THING YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED? The Persian Kings of Ezra’s Day Cyrus 559-530 B.C. Conquered Babylon. Established a policy of returning exiles to their homelands. Sent Zerubbabel to Jerusalem, financed his project, and returned the gold and silver…

The Kingdoms’ Fall

THE STORY – THE CALL Jeremiah 1:4-5 Question of the day:  What is the most important phone call you can remember getting? Why was it important?   1. God ________ Jeremiah  (NIV)   2. Jeremiah made ____________  (NIV)  (NIV)  (NIV)  (NIV)   3. Jeremiah was a _____________ ______________  (NIV)  (NIV)