Ever wonder what Mary and Joseph thought when the Angel told them they would be the Son of God’s parents? What went through the minds of the Shepards when the angels appeared to them while they were watching over their flocks that night Jesus was born? What were the Jewish people living in the first century expecting their Messiah to be?

Join us as we look at Christmas Through Their Eyes November 25th – December 30th

Christmas Eve, December 24th

We would like to invite you and your family & friends to a special Christmas Eve gathering December 24th at 4:30pm & 6:00pm. Come out and enjoy the an evening of hope, joy and peace.

We are praying that His gifts of peace, hope, love and joy fill you this holiday season!

This is an event for the whole family. Children of all age are welcome and we will have a special time just for them to be apart of the gathering. We will end the evening with a candle light rendition of O Holy Night.

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