The Story

The End Of Time

The Story – The End of Time ,  QOTD- What are we going to do once we get to heaven? I.  A few words about the book of Revelation. II.  Will ______ Be _______________? &  (NLT) III.  ____________, __________ with ______ is worth it.

The King Who Had It All

THE STORY – THE KING WHO HAD IT ALL Question of the Day: In your opinion, how much money in the bank does it take to make someone rich? I. Starting ___________ is important. A. More _____________ to _______________ B. No _______________ to _____________ with C. It is what ______________ ______________________ II. ______________ good is…

Hour of Darkness

THE STORY – THE HOUR OF DARKNESS Question (thought) of the day: name your worst day and your best day. 1. He is ______________, yet He _______________. John 13:1-5 (NIV)   2. He was left __________ and yet He _______________ __________. Matthew 26:39-46 (NIV) Matthew 26:55-56 (NIV) John 14:16-18 (NIV) John 16:19-22 (NIV)   3. He…