Sermons on Acts

How Our Faith Impacts Our Friendships

Relationships The Fabric That Binds Us All Together QOTD: What do you remember about your best friend in school?   I. ______________ Form In The _____________ Of Places: ___________ & _______________     II. ___________ Look Out For __________________: __________ & ________________     III. The ___________________ Are _____________________: ____________ & _________  

Homeport’s Discipleship Journey

Homeport’s Discipleship Journey QOTD: What is the purpose of the church? I. Attend a ‘Get To Know Homeport’ Gathering II. Commit to a weekly Sunday Morning Gathering & Homeport Group III. Begin a One-On-One Discipleship Relationship IIII. Join a ‘First Steps’ Equipping Class V. Our Goals Is To Help You Live On Mission