Equipping Classes

Welcome to Homeport Equipping Classes

Do you desire to grow in your faith and relationship with God? Do you walk away from a church gathering on Sunday morning wanting more? Sign up for our Equipping Classes offered on Monday nights for 5 weeks starting this coming January.

Every Homeport Equipping Class is designed to help you hear from God. As you hear from God, He’ll help you grow in your spiritual life and help you to journey farther in your spiritual progress. Setting aside a few nights to attend a Homeport Equipping Classes will offer you more than inspiring worship or well-grounded, biblically based teaching—you’re going to encounter the voice of God and experience lasting change.

Our desire is that your experience in these classes will be a catalyst for spiritual growth in your daily life. Check out the information for each class, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

5/1 – Pursuing Jesus
5/8 – Growing Spiritually
5/15 – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts (Take the test here)
5/22 – Loving Others
6/5 – Sharing Your Faith

Why Attend a Homeport Equipping Class

Hearing the voice of God is the most critical aspect in growing spiritually. Homeport Equipping Classes fosters an environment that enables you to hear His voice. All of our classes, regardless of topic, are designed to be revelational—not for you to hear new information, but rather that you hear from God and to grow deeper in your relationship with Him and in your faith